Friday, 22 June 2012

The Invisibles volume 2 issues 1 to 4

-- These issues are:

The Invisibles volume 2...

The arc-title is BLACK SCIENCE and the issue-titles are: Bangin' (#1), Kickin' (#2), Sorted (#3), Safe (#4).

-- Collected edition:

These four issues are all of the issues of the fourth collected edition "Bloody Hell in America" - pictured.

(Bolland's cover for volume 2 issue 1 of The Invisibles is re-used for this collected edition. The title of the collected edition isn't an issue-title or arc-tiltle re-used unlike the previous two books.)


-- Quote of the month:

"Elephant head. Elephant head. I WORSHIP A GOD WITH AN ELEPHANT HEAD!"

King Mob (volume 2, issue #2, page 2 and 3).

-- Panels of the month:

Volume 2, issue #1, page 6 – "What it's mean?" "Nothing really. I don't know. It just sounds good".